About us

The Urbanary Home and Garden grew out of this inevitable re-shuffling of our lives and spaces and consignment facilitates the purposeful collecting and clearing of our beautiful things.  

We’ve all been at a place where, whether planned or not, change happens, and we’re either left with unwanted things or our belongings no longer suit our new space.  The Urbanary facilitates the coming and going and back and forth of gently used household goods, quality furnishings, lovely decor pieces, and unique garden accents. There is something admirable and responsible in having things move along in a way that maintains their useful purpose or enjoyment.  

On the flip side, there is something admirable and responsible in purchasing those quality used furnishings as well.  I am convinced we can save the planet one used item at a time.   Older pieces that are well kept are often loved for their quality, or design, or their aesthetic value.  A cherished piece of wall art may no longer fit our space but still has all the appeal it had the day it went up.  Mirrors, room dividers, tables, benches, patio carts, baker’s racks, area rugs maintain their usefulness and only need fresh ideas to find new life.  People are drawn to lamps and tables, chests and chairs, and vases and canisters because of their unique colour, style or design and vintage pieces and collectible items have an intrinsic value all their own.  Folks are delighted with their ‘finds’ and are thrilled to take it home for a fraction of the cost of new.